What Happened At The Olive The People Photoshoot

June 24th 2013

Story originally written and experienced: June 9th 2013

It was a nightmare

The whole thing was just.

A nightmare.

The cameras were there.

The flashes were there.

The set was there.

And I was there.

Just me.

No one else.

It was just Olive.

And no people.

And I remember   p a c i n g   around the set. Staring at the door. Every



3 seconds.

Just to see if…anyone would walk through it. Anyone…at all.

And no one ever did.

But the strangest part was, as I was waiting? I felt something on my arm. And it kind of hurt. In fact, my arm was kind of

s h a k i n g .

A lot actually. And as it was happening.

I heard something. And it was kind of loud.  It was a voice. And it said.

“Olive! Wake up! It’s photo shoot day. We can’t be late!”

It was Nicole Detamble.

Good morning, sunshine.

Good morning, sunshine.

She was shaking my arm as I laid there barely conscious in my bed, reminding me that today was the day! It was 8:30 am today was the goddamn day.

The photographer was waiting. And so were all of my people.

And I guess that’s when I realized that

It was a nightmare.

It was all just…a nightmare.

They were there.

They were all there.

Dressed in neutrals. Just like I asked. On time. Just like I hoped. Mildly hungover. Just as they should be.

Pounding some bagels, coffee and champagne sponsored by my roommate and avid
“Olive The People”
correspondent, Charlie.

behind the scene drinks

In an apartment owned, offered and rearranged by another “Olive The People” staple, Meg. An apartment where a couch was spontaneously shipped overnight, where every appliance was unplugged and hidden in a bedroom and every modern day jam was blasted through the scattered speakers ready to provide catchy, dream pursuing entertainment.

Apartment is all yours, bitch.

Apartment is all yours, bitch.

Thanks, Meg!

So we did it. We rearranged.

Feng Shui that shit.

Feng Shui that shit.

And we set up.

Gettin straight up fancy with some equipment.

Gettin straight up fancy with some equipment.

Rain is photographer Dan's bitch!

Rain is photographer Dan’s bitch!


Photo equipment really does tell the best jokes.

Practice shot that sucker.

Practice shot that sucker.


And got this 9am photo shoot extravaganza on the goddamn road. Ready to revamp this batshit website. So that maybe

Just maybe.

You’ll understand how much this corner of the internet really means to me. How I’ve waited 10 journals and 9 years to show my writing to anyone.

Nope. Not for you.

Nope. Not for you.

And then one day.


I was sitting in  my            bed. In a dorm room. That I shared from Meg.  In June 2011.  I had just moved to the city. To pursue my writing dreams. But only undercover. Masking my desires with copious internships and opportunities.

Just in case I got scared.

And just in case I couldn’t do it.

And I’m not really sure what made this day so different. Or what made this day so special. Or why I didn’t tell Meg that I did it. But. For whatever reason. This day,

I changed my mind.

I kind of did…want to share my writing. That’s why I moved to the big city…isn’t it?  So I pulled out my computer. And I made a WordPress account. And if you can believe it. Without thinking I just typed out:

site title


And then I shut my computer.

Because I got scared.

Because I wasn’t sure if I could do it.

And never wrote on it again.

Not until August 2012 at least.

I’m not really sure what made this day so different. Or what made this day so special. Or why I didn’t tell Meg that I did it. But. For whatever reason. This day,

I changed my mind.


And I gathered all of my journals

olive people fall 1

olive people fall 2

olive people fall 3

olive people fall 4

olive people fall 5

And decided to

push my fears aside

And create a blog. To share my stories. With people.

show writing

Ah shit.  

And as it turns out.

I’ve never enjoyed writing so much. Pursuing my passion so much. Being proud of being a dreamer

So much.

Until I met you.

And now my secrets? And my stories?


Now they’re yours too.

olive the people journal reading

And over 100 shared stories later?

I found myself hiring a photographer. And building my own set. And inviting my friends. My people. To bring my website and my dreams to life.

Because I promise you, I’m building a website.

And I’m building a damn good one.  

A website, a brand and an idea just to say “I think the ordinary is underrated. I think  passions are the building blocks of imagination, stability and happiness. Whether it’s a person, place or thing. And the best part is?

We all have them.

I think, life is too short to underrate your capabilities.  And I think that this shenanigan called life?

Would be hella fun if went through it together.

Only because, you really can’t go wrong when you surround yourself with good company. And you, my friend.

Are fantastic company.

Before I knew it, the kitchen clock read 10:18am. And we were already 234 photos in.

We started with individual shots. You know, for the people section.

Hell, Kate.

Hello, Kate.

Meet Tucker.

Meet Tucker.

Recognize this (pizza) beauty?

Recognize this (pizza) beauty?

In case you're looking for a real man...

In case you’re looking for a real man…

Moved onto the groups shots:

olive the people secrets

journals 6

olive the people journal reading 2

journals 5

Some candid shots:

Olive the people shenangians

olivia candid

meg kiss

candid 2

And posed ones too:

author shot behind the scenes

.author photo

olive the people love me

olive the people ridiculous

Every shot starting with “I have an idea!”

I have an idea


Or “Let’s try this!”

setting up


Ending in a 3 hour photo session labeled with just the simple word




And I’m not really sure  how this day even happened. Just that it was different. And that is was special. And this time, I did tell Meg what I was doing it. Only because, she was doing it with me. And I suppose. For whatever reason. This day my mind didn’t really change. It was more so just.


And suddenly I found myself  standing in a room full of support, potential and opportunity. Pieced together by me. And glued together by “Olive my people.”

 Yourself included.

Thanks, guys!

Thanks guys!

Hey writing dreams!

Here I damn come.

Want to see the rest of the photos? Like my facebook page here to see all the exclusive behind the scenes footage and all of the final shots! Plus, it’s about time we became facebook official anyway.

Special shout out to Meg, Nicole Detamble, Charlie, Katie, Ali, Suley, Tucker, Kate, Amy, Maggie, Krissy, Lexi, Harper and Dan for making this thing so damn fun and so damn worthwhile.