The Bride Got Baked

June 29th, 2016

Story originally written and experienced: June 17th and 18th, 2016

It all started with a question.

“Olive, I want to marry you…r best friend, will you help me plan the proposal?”

I said yes.

party gif

And the next thing I knew, my four-year New York roommate had a sparkling ring on her hand, the biggest smile on her face and every intention of planning the wedding of everyone’s dreams.

Fast forward one year later >>

And she nailed it.

In every way.

In venue:

Family-owned lavender farm in Cape Cod.

Family-owned lavender farm in Cape Cod, anyone?


In dress:



And most importantly, in partner:


Fricken made for each other.


They’re two people who undoubtedly support one another through it all.

Always have, always will.

I’d know.

 I lived with them. But. Even anyone who hasn’t can tell their relationship can withstand it all too—from the great to the tough, the crazy to the calm and every high in between.

Like the time Davis spent an entire day attempting to order the perfect birthday cake for Olivia…but in the end…realized a jumbo-sized pizza with big candles in it surprise delivered to her favorite bar is exactly what she would have liked best:

Don't mind my face.



They were a couple and occasion people couldn’t wait to celebrate. And the reason people came from all


of the country

To see the bride and groom get the day(s) they deserved.

And here’s how it went down:

Day 1 was divine. The commute into Cape Cod defined as nothing short of  dream, as our aesthetic greeting proved to be more than just a welcome sign. It was an instant ambiance of white picket fences snuggled in lush green grass with quintessential cottages lined perfectly    in    a    row.

One of those cottages belonged to Olivia’s family (and had for years) and doubled as the destination for Day 1’s Bridal brunch.

Cue the sundresses, cupcakes and complimentary champagne.

And not to mention, one beaming bride.


Happy happy, joy joy.


We enjoyed a speech or two, an exchanging of gifts and a free playground in the backyard, establishing the awaited wedding weekend was officially in full swing.


Next up:

A decadent dinner rehearsal, graciously hosted at a whimsical waterfront venue in Chatham, Massachusetts.


Honey, I’m home.


(And painted in the moment by a local artist who just so happened to be stationed nearby)


Ladies dressed in diaphanous cocktail dresses while gentleman wardrobed themselves in tailored attire.

Do as the bride and groom do.



Classy and can't help it.



Beach babes.



Best-dressed couple.

Super success.


 And the appetizers were prime:

I'm embarrassed by my behavior.

Apologies about my misleading behavior.


But what was even better, were the speeches.

All 25 of them.

And it was an incredible thing to witness. One by one guests stood up voluntaritly expressing their sentiments in > every < which > < way >. Some through tears








down their cheeks reacting to childhood memories, others through recitation of sonnets and some through a crew of cousins who wanted to wish the immensely-loved couple every ounce of luck all at once:



Needless to say, open mic night was a success.

After a solid 4.5 hours of unsuccessfully choking back emotions and remedying the situation through complimentary ice cream sandwiches, school buses arrived ready to transport guests to the welcoming party down road. Upon arrival, the bar was pleasantly packed with family, friends and plus ones galore.

Which was great because.

That meant everyone was here now.

Which also meant.

The next day would be beyond the best.

Day 2:

Excitement was an understatement.

Especially for the bride.

And I knew that because when I woke up at 9 AM, I  saw that Olivia had Instagrammed a photo circa 5 AM—4 hours before our alarms were even supposed to go off.

She's pumped, ya'll!

She pumped, ya’ll!


The day had arrived.

I pOpped out of bed, grabbed my long lavender dress and headed to meet the bride and the rest of her maids.

And everything after that was sort of a blur. Running around, eating half a sandwich, shuttling from hair appointments to bridal pictures

We're everywhere.

We’re everywhere.

And then the next thing I knew, we were at the lavender farm.full

And that’s when I saw something that shocked me.

Right before we all stood in a row to walk down into the field, I saw 75 chairs…but 240 people.

People that came from all


of the country

To see the bride and groom get the day they deserved.

Party at the lavender farm.

Party at the lavender farm.


Before I could think any more of it, the musicians began to play.


Cuing the parents to   g    l    i    d    e    through the greenery

First the groom’s:

baker parents

Then the bride’s:

clark parents

Then the flower girl:


You go, Glen Coco!


Then the bridesmaids in shades of lavender and the groomsmen in complementary grey and white suits.

And finally:


The bride:


En route to be in the arms of her groom—forever:


And then they smooched and the crowd went wild.


The reception was unreal. Just   s t e p s   away from the lavender field and lined with a raw bar, specialty drinks, crisp table linens and perfectly-pitched tents to house it all:


This part is “in tents”.

It took no seconds at all for the music to start blasting and the dance floor to be full:

Only to be beautifully interrupted by the coveted father-daughter dance:

The best twirler in town.

The best twirler in town.


The mother-son dance:


Their very first one:


A few cheers here and there:

To you!


And then back on the dance floor:

One of these is just like the other.

One of these is just like the other.


Where a lot of things happened.

And I’ve got the insane footage to prove it.

1. That moment when 200 of Davis’ grandpa’s ties were passed out for everyone to wear around their heads because it was a Baker family tradition at every wedding, but also because, they wanted wanted to honor his late grandpa too:


When tradition calls…


All tied up.

We obey.


2. When the bride’s father (with a tie arond his head) hopped on stage to rock out with the band:


This happened.

3. And then the  bride followed in her father’s footsteps and grabbed the mic and sang “Rich girl” by Hall & Oats completely by heart:

Runs in the family.

Runs in the family.

4. An epic dance off spanning over 5 categories with a $50 prize for each including:

The robot:

The running man:

The floor spin (sort of):

And finally, the worm:

(brace yourself…)


(Congrats to my plus one for being the prize winner. Can’t wait to be treated to 50 McChickens #dollarmenu)

5. A late-night limbo sesh:

(lending a bridesmaid to overcome her limboing fears at the end)

6. An exchanging of vows liquids…

And 7. Etc. Etc.

It was the wedding of everyone’s dreams.

But most importantly, their dream, of being together, sealing the deal in a heartfelt location and signing the paperwork to go along with it. It was the kind of wedding you’d walk away from and say “that was beautiful and I had fun” but also “those two deserved every ounce of that. A jam-packed ceremony and reception, 25 speeches, perfect weather and everything more.”

Congrats, Davis & Olivia Baker.

We’re so happy for you!

I love you, am beyond honored I was asked to be a part of your day and greatly appreciated the three open bars.



If you’d ask me to experience, support and tell the world about it all over again,

I’d say yes.