Try Sitting Still

November 18th 2015

Story originally written and experienced: February 18th 2013

I’m not one to talk.

Sitting     still     is something I’m just no good at.

But every once in a while.

I give it a go.

Like that Monday. In February 2013. High from the weekend, unwinding from work and exhausted from former jam-packed weeks ranging from odd dinners to a friend stealing a $2,000 watch.

I forgot how good it felt.

To sit down. And do nothing.

Probably because it had been so long since I tried it.


Into it.


Sitting on a cushy couch, writing and simultaneously socializing with each roommate as they cycled

<< in


                            out >>

Some about men. Others about jobs.

And another reminiscing about that strange guy who accidentally climbed into my bed over the weekend, scaring this shit out of me and causing him to flee (almost) immediately afterwards.

At first it felt unnatural to stay stationary. But after a while, it almost felt unnatural to move.

I was comfortable. PJs were soft. Snacks were delicious.

And if we’re talking numbers.

In a five hour period, I had witnessed three different people, twelve written thoughts and six TV shows all cameo in the exact same room.

Which I loved.

Sort of made me realize you don’t always need to go anywhere to see things happen. Bond. Or even be content.

And also that.

Eating pizza in pajamas was actually something I was pretty damn good at.

Practice makes perfect.

Practice makes perfect.


And something I think you should try too.

A lot.

Take a day. Night. Or minute to yourself.


Give yourself a break. Reset. And do nothing but indulge.


Because if my rEsTlEsS ass can do it.

Then I bet yours can too.

And I think you’ll like it:

I mean.



And be even better at it than me.