Tinder’s Treasures

February 22nd 2016

Swipe right.

Swipe left.

But first.

Let’s take a mandatory moment to appreciate a few of Tinder’s treasures.

Like Jeff.

And his backwards approach to love.

For example.




Quick shout out to my friends for their fantastic contributions.

And an even bigger shout out to YOU for being a fellow participant in viewing these pause-worthy profiles with me.

Tanner and Olive present:

Tinder’s Treasures:

Have you heard of Trevor?

He’s sweet, fashionable and most importantly:


…Maybe even a little too honest…

trevor tinder

It’s a sign.

Then there’s Wanda.

She’s edgy, enjoys basking in the sun…though some people DO describe her as a little rough around the edges…

Minor problem.

It’s true what they say.


But the good news is.

Nick’s nothing like that.

He’s a wholesome gentleman who likes to take things slow.

nick tinder

Like a turtle.


But not Tyler.

No, Tyler likes the fast life. The adventurous life. One filled with laughter, love, sunglasses from Walgreens and of course, document-worthy trips.

An important FYI.

Such a lab technician at lab technician thing to do.


Which reminds me of Richard, who also enjoys the scenic outdoors.

But, Richard likes to take things to new heights.

Even before sandals.

"6'2 before sandals."

He only speaks the truth.


Junior seems friendly, and I sense an animalistic twist to him too, topped with a side of unparalleled eye contact.

junior tinder



Also, there’s something about Mary Jeff.

I think it’s because he goes through such extreme, paint-tool lengths to stand out in a crowd:

jeff 2

Dedication is key.


Andrew on the other hand…

andrew tinder

But nothing beats Barbara. Her enthusiasm stuns, her pearl earrings RADIATE “best-in-class beau”! Not to mention, she’s extremely…mature…for her age.

barbara tinder

Barbara, 30.

But if a poet is more your jam, swipe right AS HARD AS YOU CAN on Zach.

Because he means what he says.

Especially in food format:

zach tinder

Or if trustworthy profiles are what you’re after, look no farther than Joseph’s illegally-downloaded profile pic!

joseph tinder

No signs that this photo is a screenshot off of Google images.



And then make a hard stop at Axel’s undeniable authenticity, because bathroom breaks are what he does best.

axel tinder

Channeling the porcelain gods.



And there you have it, 13 tinder treasures to brighten your mood and enlighten your day.

Additionally, here’s an unprompted, out-of-context snap chat of a banana eating banana bread.

terry tinder

Boo things and Toni Braxton,