This Is The Story Of 17 People Gone Mad

January 7th 2016

Story originally written and experienced: December 30th 2015 – January 3rd 2016

This is the story of 17 people gone mad.

Once upon a time,

There was a rogue human named Olive:

I come from a land down undahh.

Showing no signs of normalcy.


Who moved to New York City, and spent every year for the last






Hosting one hell of a New Year’s Eve party for the very best people she knew—these people deriving from college, music festivals, back allies and beyond.

Some of their faces.

Some of their (microscopic) faces.


This year was the 5th, and she had a an entirely new set of adventures in store, set to span over 4 ridiculous days.

The general goal being to have a damn good time…but also, top last year’s endeavors of surprise limo rides:

And doing gang-like things on epic rooftops:

230 5th bar




“So what now?” she thought months beforehand, persistently planning and letting curiosity take its course.

And after extensive brainstorming, note taking and deliberating, she figured it out! And mocked up a non-intense color-coded itinerary to send to the masses:

nye itinerary

And that’s where the story really begins.

Chapter 1: The Night Of Saucy Behavior 

Everyone had arrived.

And the first and most important item on the agenda.

Was to feed them all.


I have to.


Cue the reservation made weeks in advance.

At a fantastic little Italian place in the Lower East Side appropriately called:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.00.35 AM

The private room was all ours—which was a bold, bold move for the restaurant to agree to.

Only because.

We ran around a lot, yelled a lot…and forwent cups for every almost every single bottle of wine…a lot.

Additionally, naming each other animal names…and chanting incessantly for every table to hear:

Things escalated quickly.

Next thing I knew I was           the table


Public places were never my strong suit.

Great at dinner dates.



 And photos were taken:

Had 2 tables. Sat at 1.

Had 2 tables. Sat at 1. #CantSeparate



And cake was delivered:

Now that's what I call a candlelit dinner.

My kind of candlelit dinner.


And right after that.

We left.

Only because we were ready to dance elsewhere.

And most importantly.

Eat again.

Circa 4 AM at the acclaimed taco truck on 2nd Street & Ave A.

So acclaimed, it took 45 minutes for us to get tacos, prompting some of us to get snacks at the deli across the street to eat…while we waited…for more food.

2016 diet

2016 diet is going well.



In case you're wondering what passion looks like.

In case you’re wondering what passion looks like.


While others non-stealthily waited around the corner until our taquitos were done.

"Has anyone seen Drew?"

“Has anyone seen Drew?”


Alas, our mission was completed. And we trekked back home and fell right asleep—fed, full and ready for bed.

And even more ready for Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Boy Bands And Batshit Behavior

We woke up slow.

R e a l l y.     S l o w.

Said our hangovers to our bodies.

Said the hangover to our bodies.


It was officially the last day of 2015.

And we didn’t really have any plans.


A big brunch complete with bewildering activities:

A long walk on an elevated park that sWeRvEs in between skyscrapers.


This basic bitch.



(Where we hijaked playgrounds for impromptu photo shoots for our boy band album cover)

"Give me bacon, or give me death" album release by the "Diet Starts Tomorrows" coming to a burned CD near you.

“Give Me Bacon, Or Give Me Death” album release by the “Diet Starts Tomorrows” coming to a burned CD near you.


"I can't see shit" new hit single by the band "Backwards approach" .

“I Can’t See Shit” new hit single by the band “Backwards Approach”.


"What Filter Should I Use" exclusive live tracks from the "Unsure Instagrammers".

“But What Filter Should I Use?” exclusive live tracks available now from the “Insecure Instagrammers”.


"Manhattan Mini Storage Was A Good Choice" by grammy award-winning band "I Need Space".

“Manhattan Mini Storage Was A Good Choice” by grammy award-winning group”I Need Space”.


 And finally,

Squeezing out the last few hours out of the year with a hefty pre-game featuring a special (and drunk) performance of a Game Of Thrones monologue:

And post-gamed with:

We were dressed to the nines and ready to be unruly.

The one who got away.

The one who got away.



The pepper.

The pepper.


And prepared to greet midnight at a small dive bar called Gotham Hall.

gotham hall nye

Just a small gathering of close friends.

And that’s where behavior got bat shit.

Only because of the dancing.

Bringing this house (and our bodies) down.

Pure chaos.

Lots of it.

And then some more.

That tie.

That tie.


And then things got blurry.

No vision here.

No vision here.



And the next thing we knew we were chanting.






Which officially marked the end of one chapter. And the start of a new.

Chapter 3: Breakfast Nachos & A Magician

We woke up thirsty.

And needed a quick fix.

Bloody Marys for breakfast.

Much better.


2016 started out with a hell of cheers, all thanks to a boozy brunch scheduled at Randolph Beer.

At 2 PM.

I liked this place because of their breakfast nachos.

And also their tagline.

randolph beer



Brunch punch was a flowin.

brunch punch



And secrets were a goin.

Secrets secrets are no fun, unless you share your bloody Mary with everyone.

Secrets secrets are no fun, unless you share your bloody Mary with everyone.





And while we’re talking about secrets.

I had one in store.

Remember the magician?

The one who’s shown up





Miraculous times in my life?

Well. There we were. Post brunch at a bar.

Doing bar things.

And neither did my friends know.

But he was secretly on his way.

Standing true to his tradition of surprising them with magic shows at the times they’d least expect.


He’s baaaaaaaaaaack.


He was a hit. As usual.

Never forget.

Never forget.


And from sunrise to sundown it was a complete whirlwind of nachos, magicians and brilliantly-large Bloody Marys—making it all the more bittersweet to prepare for…

Chapter 4: The Surprise Ending

They had no idea it was coming.

And that’s the way I liked it.

Every year I’d plan something ludicrous and top secret to surprise these party people with.

And this year I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Eight months before they even showed up.

I ran my idea by my sister. And she was entirely on board.





Even helped with the extensive research.

And that’s when we found them.

Fast forward eight months later and >>

I took my friends on two trains, ten blocks and into a tunnel below Grand Central Station.

And that’s when I finally told them:

“So for this year’s surprise, I had an idea of what I wanted to do…but no idea how I would pull it off. But. With a little research and a lot of money (thank you for your blind donations) I found the best in the business and hired two of the top mixologists in New York City from Liquid Lab who are going to give us a three hour interactive mixology course in this restaurant we rented out in its entirety.”

I think they liked it.

Context clues.

A job well done.


And suddenly we saw the door op    en from the restaurant, followed by a warm welcome from one of the mixologists and an invitation to come right inside.


Get over here.


And then we saw what dreams are made of.

All ours.

All ours.


A full bar to ourselves, complete with stations of drink supplies and stacks of the finest liquor placed directly in front of the faces.

All you need.

All you need.



All everyone needs.

All anyone needs.








Cocktail concoctions in our future.

All created by us after we were instructed to shake:


And muddle:

The results?

The Corpse Reviver

The Corpse Reviver: -1 oz. gin -1 oz. Lillet Blanc -1 oz. Cointreau -1/2 oz. fresh lemon -1 drop absinthe -Garnish with a black berry

-1 oz. Gin
-1 oz. Lillet Blanc
-1 oz. Cointreau
-1/2 oz. fresh lemon
-1 drop absinthe
-Garnish with a black berry


The Angry Apple Margarita

-Muddle 3 apple slices and 2 jalapeno slices -2 oz. Tequila -1/2 oz. Fresh Lime Juice -1/2 oz. Simple Syrup -1/2 oz. Triple Sec -Apple slice garnish

-Muddle 3 apple slices and 2 jalapeno slices
-2 oz. Tequila
-1/2 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
-1/2 oz. Simple Syrup
-1/2 oz. Triple Sec
– Apple slice garnish


A Classic Old Fashioned

old fashioned

And everyone’s resounding favorite

The Tomato Basil Martini

In the works.

Tomato SMASH.


But that’s not all.

“You guys ready for a little competition?” The mixologists asked.




They separated us into five groups and we all prepared for battle.

No mercy.

No mercy.


15 minutes on the clock to concoct an original cocktail with a name worthy of putting on a menu and a garnish to impress. And they would be the judge.





















I’ll level with you.

My group got dead last.

Bottom three winners.

Bottom three winners.


Our submission?

The Dirty Sanchez Martini

Designed to be reminiscent of salsa + titos vodka + olive juice





It was far from terrible.


Maybe not as good as the rest.

In 4th place?

The Great White Buffalo

Made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon and a floating apple slice representative of a Great White Shark:





In 3rd:

Vitamin G


In 2nd…


MUDDLE fuckers

And finally.

The winner.


Berry In Black




Context clues.

Context clues.



Needless to say, the judges were a fan:

So much joy.

So much joy. Nothing to do with being 5 cocktails deep.


So much so they even took a photo with the winners:

Yeah, yeah, yeah we know.

Yeah we get it.


And then eventually of all of us too:

liquid lab olive the people

Much better.



Satisfied, quite drunk and very happy.

We did what we always do.

Said our thank yous.

And danced our way from one shenanigan to the next:

That shenanigan being spicy lamb noodles.

Like bears to honey.

Like bears to honey.



And singing sessions at Jordan’s place:

In the end, this mad group of 17 brought it down at one more bar, denied the end,


Denying that shit right now.


And brought year 5’s adventures to a close by bundling up in a bed that was far too small for them, and snoozing happily ever after:


Until they fell out of it:

f778630b-c10a-4375-bdfb-bb11db827283 (1)

The End.


Happy New Year! To everyone and anyone that helped me make 2015 and overall awesome as it was. There were ups and there were downs. But most importantly, there were you guys.

Big shout out to Silvia, Jared, Kelly, Brandon, Al, Emilie, Lark, Drew, Matt, Megan, Courtney, Kurt, Jordan, Chelsea, Dan, Tara and Alanna, starting off 2016 wouldn’t have been the same without any one of you.