About Olive

Hey. Remember that one time I told you about  ”olive the people” that have inspired, amazed and mostly humored me through my journey of life thus far?

Here are their faces:

The People I actually know: 

The People I don’t know but think are pretty awesome:

Frito Pie Anthony – The hairy drummer – Armadillo toes Peter – Horizontal, sax playing homeless man – Cha Cha the lone dancing ranger – Blonde Beard – Ben Folds – Faux Spiderman with a buggy – Homeless man on the trolley – Hummus Employee- Creepy Stripes – Music Man and his mom Rosemary – Angry Hipster #1 – Angry Hipster #2 – Unemployed – Jeff – Man in cat in toast costume – Man in Midget being held by man costume – Charli Bags and his grocery cart tattoo – Wolfgang the rogue German – Asian wanderer who dubbed me a unicorn – Heartbreaking cashier at McDonalds – Angry bouncer at brother Jimmy’s – Gymnast Collecting yahoo e-mail addresses – Sara Lewis musician – Magician Mike – Parker Hurley for getting into my bed at 4 am on complete accident. When I didn’t know who you were. And still don’t.- “Big Teeth” for compromising his wedding, leaving me unconscious in a strange place and forgetting his dignity in placed unkown – Co-worker Tori for putting my wing woman stamina to the test – thus causing me to run down the street in a pea coat at 6am completely along.- Batholomew and his impromptu rapping skills – Adrian Grenier – White Van Driver Genevieve – Drug dealing DJ in Brooklyn – Gassy woman in Vegas – Cousin Elisa – Cousin Eunice – Cousin Mariela – Girl with Edward scissors hand tattoo – Nugget & Ninja and their blacked our escapades involving chicken and a wheelchair – The terrifying rugby player intruder from Australia – Bachelor Party Jeff – Matilda The Stripper – Baby Dave – Ali – John from Tasty burger – Mr. Rich who gave me advice on his death bed – To The Business Man In The Suit Across The Table – For not hiring me and telling me to follow my dreams instead – The Oprah Magazine Editor for reminding me a little humiliation can go a long way – The homeless man for making me cry on the subway – John the Canadian for keeping me humble in the Ireland bar – To the Detroit Baseball player’s mom for letting me know that I’m well on my way to being perfectly successful – Kwesi Kankam for reminding me that following your dreams, really is a choice – Elvis – My high school friend Nate and our conversation in his car – Charlotte – Ann Hamilton, for being such an incredible and inspiring artist – To the man in the airport who came back to his family after 2 years- To the homeless woman in the my neighborhood who screams everyday and calls me beautiful – To my long-lost brother for teaching me that everyone means something to someone – Indra Krishnamurthy Nooy, the CEO of Pepsi co. for reminding me that my best is all I’ll ever need – Ryan Babel the European soccer player who made me realize exactly how far we hide behind our digital facades – The Subway Samaritan for reminding me that good deeds are good deeds, no matter who does them – The two judgmental women I found sitting on my porch – Everyone who left their confessions at Toby’s Bar – Shane- Daniel Lidon – My high school ex-boyfriend – My high school ex best friend – John Mayer – Dr. Williams – The 2 girls in the hospital with the dying father – Dane who was bullied – The girl I overheard crying after she was molested by her brother William Ingram the prisoner who wrote a love letter to my friend – To all the batshit people out there – my naked neighbor Kendall – Old man with a paper bag on his head in the park – Jimmy : The guy who tried to lure me to bed with a turkey burger – Demetri Martin Great Grandma Sophiefor reminding me that even cranberry sauce can be funny – To Anyone who ever spritzenhaus in Brooklyn and wrote on their wood -My Co-workers crazy ex girlfriend – Roof top Neighbor for co-creating the step by step guide to singlehood