The Lovely Blog Award

January 16th 2013

Well this is nice.

About a week ago I received a notification that I had been nominated for an award. An award that looks like this:

Hey, thanks!

Hey, thanks!

And well.

As it turns out.

I won (:

I’m very happy, and really incredibly grateful for the nod of appreciation and respect of my fellow bloggers. I’d like to thank one blogger in particular, J.E. Lattimer, for his loyal following, nomination for this award, and genuine ability to produce incredible work while appreciating other’s work as well. You should check out his eccentric and thought-provoking art below!

Now, as standard protocol for receiving the “Lovely Blog Award”, I must share 7 secrets about myself. And furthermore, I will nominate 15 other bloggers that I think also deserve to be recognized for their exceptional content, writing and devotion to the commitment that is known as a blog.

So first:

7 Secrets About Olivethepeople

1. I have an inexplicable fear of Eskimos

Like are you serious?

Like are you serious?

2. I have never experienced a brain freeze

To you, I am invincible.

To you, I am invincible.


3. Unlocked all the secrets to Super Mario World – Super Nintendo by the age of 6

Yoshi is my bitch.

Yoshi is my bitch.

4. Haven’t seen the movie Fight Club yet. And it’s not a big deal.

No big deal.

No big deal people.

5. Broke up with my first boyfriend when I was 14 by asking if he “Wanted to go bowling but…just as friends.”

"And you know what's better than bowling? BOWLING AS  A SINGLE MAN! Really, you gotta try it."

“And you know what’s better than bowling? BOWLING AS A SINGLE MAN! Really, you gotta try it.”


And to answer your question. Yes, we did in fact, go bowling.

6. Have absolutely. No idea. How to use a hair dryer.

What do you want from me

What do you want from me

7. Once I bought some peanut M&M’s from a homeless man in hopes of finding another homeless man to give it to, and could not find one single impoverished soul in a 2 mile radius. So I ate them. And I’m sorry.

I am ashamed.

I am ashamed.


And now for my 15 nominations of blogs that I respect and appreciate. Why not spread the love, right? In no particular order here they are:
















So while I’m here. You know, appreciating people and shiza, I’d like to give a special thanks to all of my readers in and out of the blogging world. The facebook loyalists, twitter devotees, e-mail subscriber superstars, fellow bloggers, anyone who has shared my work and/or anyone who reads my work at all. Don’t care if you read it out loud, on the weekend, or in secret. The fact that you read it at all? Well, it’s the reason I write at all. If I’ve made you laugh a little more , or think about things a little bit differently, then I’m doing my damn job. Thanks for helping me get one step closer to my writing dreams. If you didn’t know that before, I hope you do now.

Now for something less serious. Like a picture of  these dueling lobsters:

dueling lobsters

Dueling lobsters: The meal that prepares itself!