Sleximaan Says I Do

October 23rd 2015

Story originally written and experienced: October 17th 2015

I knew this would happen.

We all did.

Lexi and Suleymaan were finally getting married.

And there’s two reasons why that’s ridiculously great:

1. They’re amazing people. In every way.

A      part.

And together.

Everything you’d assume and dream two people to be:


No happiness here.



So uninteresting.



Always in a bad mood.



2. They’re two of my best friends in New York City. And in life—easy to recognize from my first Olive The People photo shoot:

Check em outttttt.

Check em outttttt.


My “Love Me” banner:

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.26.58 AM


My ridiculous birthday bus extravaganza just last year:

Check em outtttt.

Just the three of us.


They’ve always been there.

For their friends. And for each other.

Which is exactly why their wedding day was just as wonderful for them as it was for everyone else:


Dallas was the wedding destination.

Lexi’s hometown.

A first visit there for most visitors involved.




Vacation days were requested. Flights were booked. Hotel rooms reserved.

And then the day finally came.

And suits were buttoned. Perfume spritzed. Dresses were on. And ties were tied.

And at 4:15 PM

A shuttle bus picked us up at the Hilton Anatole Hotel to transport us to a cherishable church.

 It was majestic.






And the perfect place to take pictures of our faces before the deed was done:




The vows were perfect.

Suley said he met a woman that went above and beyond his wildest dreams.

And he knew that about her almost instantaneously.

And Lexi promised to make him laugh, be his life-long companion and take care of him—infinitely.

Things you knew to be true just by being around them on a regular Tuesday.

But nice to hear them say those sentences out loud.

I cried.

Everyone did.

Partially because of what they said.

But mostly because of the way they looked at each >> << other.

Even after years of being together.

And seeing each other every day.

It was amazing to see that simple eye contact still had a melting-of-the-heart, weak-in-the-knees, instant-smile impact on them.

It just did.

And that kind of love deserves a chapel full of friends with tear-drenched tissues in their hand.

It just does.

And the crowd goes wild.

And the crowd goes wild.


After the ceremony, the shuttle was back again.

Anxiously awaiting to chauffeur us to the Nasher Sculpture Center directly after for the reception.

But not before we rallied the New York crew for a pre open bar pic:

It's for the best.

It’s for the best.


Our arrival to the reception was incredibly unexpected.

And I can’t even tell you how beautiful this wedding was.

But I can sure as hell try.

Everything from sleek sculptures to the emerald green grass to the charming lights gave us ample reasons to raise a glass.







Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset



 The fountains were bursting with life.

Look at em go!

Show offs.


Blush table clothes adorned every table.

Can I clear a boardwalk or what.

Clearing boardwalks one wedding reception at a time.


And live music.

Free wine.

And bamboo chairs accompanied by impeccable table placements effortlessly combined to complete the look:

Not lame.

Reservation for 200.


Also not lame.

Dessert first.


The entire experience was enchanting.

The (theoretical) icing on the wedding cake being the grand reveal of their first dance to “Just The Two Of Us” by Bill Withers.

Just the two of them.

Just the two of them.


And the ideal finishing touches being:

Incredible speeches.

An absurdly awesome band.

And the fact that we all danced the damn night away.

Only pausing for photo booth pics:

Just a bite.

Just a bite.

Straight mischief.

Straight mischief.

Can't keep my head on straight.

Can’t keep my head on straight.


Party favors:

unnamed (2)

Hats glasses. Glasses and hats.


They're all ears.

They’re all ears.


Dance parties:

No fun at all.

Here comes the bride.


All about them 8 counts.

A joy to be around.


And shots:

"Oh, shots aren't included in the open bar?...Okay...can we just have four glasses of patron then—neat?"

“Oh, shots aren’t included in the open bar?…Okay…then can we just have four glasses of patron—neat?”


Not to mention post gaming the next day with:

Fried bacon, carrot cake, Cuban sandwiches, cheese, shrimp, Sririacha balls and Oreos at the State Fair Of Texas:

Diet's going well.

Diet’s going well.


And the fact that Southwest Airlines put on an in-flight wedding ceremony on my way home:

It was a whirlwind weekend filled with indulgences, friends and ridiculous behavior.

But most importantly.

A hell of a lot of love.

For these two people.

These guys.

These guys.


And the kind of companionship they live, exemplify and set the standard for every day—before, during and after their wedding day.

Congrats Lexi and Suleymaan.

I love you both and support you infinitely.

And if you’re asking if I’ll hang out with you forever.

The answer is.

I do.