Olive The People Around The World

April 4th 2014

It became contagious.

And it started like this:

 For my  24th birthday.

 My best friend, Penny Erikson.

This bitch.

This bitch.

Gave me a gift.

A great one.

“I really love what you’re doing with your writing, Olive. I always have. So. For your birthday. I got you this.”

otp button 1



At first I didn’t know what it was.

Until I turned it around and saw this:

otp button 2

Ladies and gentlefriends, it’s a beer can opener.

She made them. All 50 of them. And designed them. Herself. And she gave them to me in a parking lot. And I cried. Like a bitch.

About that gift...

About that gift…


“I know you changed your logo. But I made them anyway. I thought it was something that could bring your brand to life. Something you could share. And use. Give away. Whatever you want! I’m excited to see what you do.”

So I thought about it long. And I thought about it hard. And then I made more:

Design credit to Tanner.

Too far?


Not far enough?

Not far enough?

And one day, I went to the post office. And I mailed them. All of them. To the fans who had been there. And always been there. From the very beginning. And I knew would be there. Until the end. And I asked them to take it with them on their adventures. Or give them to someone new. To celebrate the idea of “Olive the people” and “Olive the places” we all may go. And to take me with them! And to take a picture too. And send them back to me. So I could see where “olive my people” had been. And be a part of their adventures too. And after a year of collecting, I couldn’t be more thrilled to show you this:

I got pictures from Costa Rica:




And from Asia too:

otp asia 8


From people’s kitchens:

malarik otp

My kind of double fisting.

And their family reunions too:

clarks otp

Shoutout to the Clarks!

To crashing date nights:

lance and penny otp

Reservation for 3.

And college nights all the way in California:

ramzi and courtney otp

These hoodlums.

Quick trips to Berlin:

otp berlin


Or simply taking in the view:

otp asia 4

Did I get a tan?

Bedroom selfies:

otp button 4

I’d “like” it.

Or bringing in a crew:

otp fans 1

A motley bunch.

 And then pictures kept coming.

Every week.

And it was an incredible.

To not only let people be a part of my life.

But for them to let me be a part of theirs too.

So to you. All of you. Thank you. Keep adventuring. And cheers to many more adventures together.

otp button 3

Want in on the Olive The People posey? Shoot me an e-mail at olivethepeople@gmail.com and let’s get this party started. I’ve got some koozies, beer can openers and pens with your damn name on it.

And an album you just need to be in.

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