Keep Me Company?

October 7th 2015

Story originally written and experienced: August 22nd 2011

 It was George Clooney who said it.

And he made me think about it all.

That day.

Past years.

And the years before that.

Thing is.

Just a few hours earlier I made a pit stop at my former college campus. For fun. While I was in the area.

 And it felt so different.

Still beautiful. Still vibrant. Just not mine anymore.

But I remembered thinking after my visit.

That I probably wouldn’t be back again.

And that ^  really didn’t phase me until a few hours later.

Because of what George Clooney said.

I was bundled up in mIsMaTcHeD pjs watching a movie called, “Up In The Air” about a traveling business man (George) who regularly lived out of a suitcase. Barely had a home. And as far as he knew—loved the lifestyle.

But then.

He started to feel a little lonely.

And found himself saying something he never thought he would to one of his best friends on his wedding day.

He was freaking out.

Because he was getting cold feet and questioning the point of getting married at all.

So George looked at him and said, “Think about all the best memories you’ve ever had in your life. All of them. Were most of them with other people? Or were you alone? When you were in your honeymoon suite last night by yourself, because you and Julie decided to sleep in separate beds before your wedding day, swirling those thoughts around in your head…were you lonely?”

The groom nodded.

“That’s because life is better with company.”




What he said wasn’t exactly revolutionary.

It just made a lot of sense.

Truth is.

I love alone time just as much as the next person.

But when I did a <<<  rewind of my nostalgia just a few hours before.

I realized that what I missed wasn’t the architecture, cobblestone streets or even the classes.

It was the people.

And the weird shit I did with them there.


Dancing on pool tables in sequin tank tops and then eating cake.

Witnessing a best friend go on a top secret mission to retrieve a cell phone because another friend left it at her hook up’s apartment…that she puked in the night before.


Never forgetting the time someone unexpected came out to me in a bar bathroom.

And most importantly.

Ditching homework for margaritas instead.

It reminded me of a book called Into The Wild outlining the journey of Chris McCandless who ventured ‘into the wild’ to escape society and revel in isolation.

And him, a tried and true believer of finding true satisfaction completely alone and a person who set out to prove it…realized and wrote,

“Happiness is only real when shared.”

Embracing the simple notion that the greatest tool to enhance almost anything.

Is company.

Good people.

Shared memory.

And one of the most attainable luxuries you can have, take advantage of and keep.

I thought about that.

Still bundled up in my mIsMaTcHeD pjs. That

It’s true what they say.

Misery loves company.


So does love, chaos, getaways and conversation.

That sharing moments and looking back on the best times felt better with witnesses—ranging from a strangers to confidants to a companion.

So thank you for that.

And to all my friends, family and rogue characters that have cameoed hard enough to make life that much better.

And of course, George:


Thanks G.