An Interview With Olive

November 19th 2014

Story originally written and experienced: August 18th 2014

2 entire years.

From day one.  – – – – – – – – –  To day now.

He was there the entire time.

Reading. Commenting. Sharing. And more.

I’ve always immensely appreciated about Justin. That from my very first post to its

increasing outlandish behavior,

He watched my personal project grow. My stories written. My followers expand.

And 2 entire years later.

He emailed me and said that.

He wanted to ask me some questions. A lot of them. To post on his (incredibly brilliant) podcast website. And really reveal the mystery of the girl behind the curious blog.

And I said yes.

 Of course.

 Anything for a follower and a friend who had been so loyal and been so great.

Even if we had never met.

And that’s kind of the coolest part.

So we picked a time. And we picked a day.

And on August 18th 2014.

We logged on to Skype around 8 p.m. on a Monday.

And we said all of this:

(Introduction: 1-55 seconds. Full interview starts at: 16:50.)

Stories I mention in the interview below:

Going to Denver with (seemingly) not knowing a single soul.

My first photoshoot.

My most popular story ever posted.

A huge thank you to Justin Flagel for including me on his wonderful website. It was an honor and a total blast to talk to you (finally!)

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