Her Happy Accident Part 2

June 10th 2015

Story originally written and experienced: May 18th 2013

Read this.

And then read that


“Olive, is that you?”


I was holding a marroon umbrella while I peeked into the coffee shop, and that’s when I heard her voice behind me.

“Olive, is that you?”


I was pretty embarrassed.

Only because.

She knew why I was spying in the first place.


This never happened.

Having the entire apartment to myself while I lounged uNiNtErRuPtEd on my couch in the living room. With three roommates, constant chaos and a steady stream of visitors were nothing short of normal, and a moment alone was very

          few       and        far        between.

For example.

Buzz. Buzz.

My blissful moment was broKen.

“Hey, I’m in the neighborhood…can I stop by?” – Danielle 1:06 PM

I perked up from my couch.

This interruption was worth it.

 I needed to know what happened after she left the party last night. With Tom. Only because.

She wasn’t supposed to.

“Of course, you’re always welcome to stop by. I’m home!” – Olive 1:08 PM

“Great. I’ll be there soon.” – Danielle 1:14 PM

She stayed for a long time. 4 hours to be exact. Me on one couch. And her on the other. And finally I asked her.

“What happened last night after you left Leah’s going away party…with Tom?”

He wasn’t supposed to show up.

But he did.

Danielle invited him over, but didn’t tell us.

And the next thing we knew, he was standing in the doorway innocently waving a hello.

Truth is.

Tom was wonderful.

And the second truth is.

Danielle didn’t love him anymore.

She was a lesbian now, and had spent the last year trying to tell the man she had been in a relationship for the last 8 years, exactly that.

But he was in denial.

And I really think she was too.

Not as much as him.

But still.

Because after an 8 year relationship, they still didn’t know how to be entirely without each other. So he’d show up to her parties. And she’d show up to his too. And she’d say,

“He’s my best friend.”

And I’d say.

“I know but…things are different now.”

And after everything that had happened with Chantal.

She knew that was true.

Everyone took a taking to Tom as soon as he walked in. Made sense. He was charming with a sweet smile. Made with only well-intentioned bones in his body. But for me? I felt sorry for the reason he was there.

He wanted to keep trying.

Hold out for another chance.

So he made jokes with the people in the living room. And ordered pizza for everyone there. And all the while, Danielle would lean over to me in periodic disdain and say, “I forgot how much I hated his sense of humor.” And when I complimented his hair she told me, “You should hook up with him so we can compare notes.”


“What?! He’s a great guy. I’d like to know he’s going to be with someone great after me.”



They left.


And I wasn’t sure what happened after that.

Which is why I asked.

“We went back to his place. We tried to have sex again…but I stopped him and told him that I was so sorry. ” That the last year had really made her think, and she couldn’t believe she was saying it but, she liked women best. She wished things were different. Really, she did.

“But we were supposed to get married,” he matter-of-factly reminded her. “Go to South America for that trip we always wanted to take. Then move in together. Then get a dog. We’ve been together for 8 years. Danielle…please…”

She cried.

And told him she was sorry one more time.

That if she married him she would be happy.

But not her happiest.

And then she slept on his couch. And him in his bed.

“And then he asked me if he could meet me one more time for closure.”

“When? Where?”

“Today. In 30 minutes. One block from here. At the Starbucks on 84th street and 3rd ave.”

“Holy shit. That’s so soon.”

“I know. I wanted to come here first though. To prepare for it…crazy how far things have come since our talk over a year ago, isn’t it?”


“I told him most everything after our talk. I had to. And I broke things off with Chantal because things didn’t feel right. Only because things escalated with my boss, Paige, and things felt best with her. Have I told you we’ve been sneaking into her office and doing things? No one in the office knows. And – shit. He’s calling. I have to go.”

“Good luck.”


2 hours went by and I really wanted a sandwich.

So I put on my boots. Added some pants to my body and threw a sweatshirt on before I walked out the door. >>

It was








And I saw the Starbucks en route to my carb-loaded bliss.

I wondered if they were still there…

I held my marroon umbrella while I peeked into the coffee shop, and that’s when I heard her voice behind me.

“Olive, is that you?”


I was pretty embarrassed.

But only because.

She knew why I was spying in the first place.

Tom and Danielle were both standing there.

Each with umbrellas in their hands, in the midst of saying goodbye.

I did not play it cool.

“Heyyyyy guys! What’s up?!”

Why did I ask that.

I knew what the fuck was up.

Danielle appeased the situation and said they had just grabbed some coffee and were about to part ways, you?

“On my way to get a sandwich really quick.”

“Great, I’ll go with you.”

“What? No, no you stay. With Tom. And finish whatever it is that you’re doing. I’m just. I’m gonna go.”

“No, Olive. Wait. I’ll come with you.”

I knew she wanted to use me as an out. But I didn’t necessarily want to be. But suddenly the three of us were standing there in the pattering rain where I had accidentally invited myself to their epic goodbye.


The weighted rain drops muffled most of their conversation, but I did manage to hear another “I’m sorry,” from Danielle.

And then they both walked away.

And there I was.

Desperate for a sandwich, and eagerly waiting for her too.

“How was it?” I asked her in between telling the deli clerk the kind of cheese I preferred. #swiss



“Yeah. It almost hurt me how okay he was with me walking away. But this is a good thing…for me, and for him. And the best things for the both of us are yet to come, I know it.”

She did know it.

And Danielle did a lot after that. Went on that South America trip with Paige, for one. And then they moved around the country together trying to rediscover themselves after that. Things weren’t always perfect. And truth be told, I’m not very sure if they even worked out.

But the longevity of that relationship mattered less to me than the reason she pursued it in the first place.

She was connecting the dots between

Being happy : : : : : &: : : : Being happiest

No matter what…or who…it took.

And I couldn’t have been more inspired by that.

As for Tom?

He buried himself in work for a while.

Then met an incredible girl named Victoria.

Who gave him everything he didn’t even knew he wanted, needed or could possibly ever have.

And as far as Facebook pictures tell me, they’re living one hell of a happy ever after.

Truth is.

Danielle didn’t know what she wanted. Who she wanted. Or why.

For a long time.

And I think she knew.

That her confusion?

Was a romantic accident waiting to happen.

And thank god it did.

Because there wouldn’t have been as happy of an ending otherwise.