What Were You Thinking?

March 5th 2014

Story originally written and experienced: December 6th 2011

 It happens every single day.

 Coat. Wallet. Shoes.













S  w   i   p  e



 Sometimes at the subway. Sometimes at the grocery store. Every time down the street.

 You’re sitting there. Standing there. Walking there. Sitting in traffic.            Next to someone.

 And you see other people.

A lot of them.

Occasionally you share a glance.

But not normally. Normally.

You keep to yourself.

And by normally

 I mean always.

 I remember sitting on the subway on this chill December Tuesday. It was 2011 and I was wearing a green coat.

I wasn’t going anywhere special.

Doing anything special.

Feeling anything special.

I was just going somewhere. To meet friends. And thinking a lot.

About work stresses.

 Home messes.

 Good friends. And some that were less than great.

My most recent complaint, a spORAdic love interest and probably some sort of snack.

All while listening to Florence and the Machine bEaTiNg >>> in and >> out of my headphones.

I looked stoic. I might have even looked mad.

 But I wasn’t.

 I just looked that way.

And I remember thinking to myself how strange it would be if any of those jUmBlEd thoughts of mine echoed through a speaker amidst the mutual silence in the train car.

Seeing as our current serenade were the wheels colliding against the tracks.

train tracks gif

It would never happen. It was just an interesting thought.

  Imagining if everyone had visible thought bubbles over their head.

Kind of like:

 Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.42.46 AM

Because even while they’re sitting there. Fiddling with their hands. Eyes potentially closed (but not necessarily sleeping) all partaking in this agreed upon silence. We’re also sharing space with memories and thoughts flying a million miles a minute within the train doors. And it

Makes you.

Look at stranger a little bit differently.

 Makes you.

 Wonder what’s on their mind.

 Makes you.

 Think about what’s on yours.

 And it’s interesting because.

You could be in the vicinity of their best brainstorm. Greatest epiphany. Biggest fears. Strongest paranoias. Immovable passions. Thoughts about their most weighing regrets. Successes. Relief. Happiness. And more.

The “So I was giving it a lot of thought” speech or the “It just hit me the other day and then I realized” could be happening thinking and realizing          directly next to you.

But you’d never know it. Because they’d never say anything.

And you wouldn’t either.

You don’t know them.

And they don’t know you.

And it’s kind of an interesting thing to realize that.

Unless any speaker confessions are made.

All of those greatest epiphanies. Biggest fears. Strongest paranoias. Immovable passions. Thoughts about their most weighing regrets. Successes. Relief. Happiness. And more.

Will walk away with the person who goes with it. >>>

And you may never know what they were thinking.


For all you know they could have looked at your shoes. Really liked them. Walk off the train and ordered some later that night.

Or maybe they were standing next to you. Heard a song through your earbuds that triggered a memory. And thought about that memory for days to come.

Saw you. Thought you were attractive. Wondered if they should talk to you. Wondered if they knew you were staring. And indefinitely did nothing.

But the thought was there.

And that’s interesting enough.

 Point being.

 We’re all crazy. And we’re all interesting. And we’re all thinking. All the time.

 And whether or not we share these impromptu thoughts with anyone. Or keep those secrets to our damn ourselves.

It’s kind of great to realize how necessary, valuable and mysterious those thoughts really are.

And always be.


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