Food For Thought

July 11th, 2016

Story originally written and experienced: July 4th 2016

I’m not sure how I ended up there…

But I did.

There I was.

Wandering the acclaimed Chelsea Market on the west side of Manhattan like tourists and curious New Yorkers do, when I saw something down the main









that caught my eye

to the right.

“What…is…all of…that?” I asked my equally perplexed sister and friend without expecting a response.

“Dude, I don’t know. Should we go in?”

I was already inside.

I had to know.

I saw dresses made out of edible things and I needed to figured out why.

Then I saw the sign.




And it explained that this was a fashion exhibition consisting of 58 dresses and accessories—co-curated by Mr. Dominella, CEO of Italian fashion house Gattinoni, and Bonizza Giordani Aragno, a fashion history professor at the Instituto Europeo di Design, and organized by the Italian Trade Commission—symbolizing food and its similarity to fashion in the sense that food relies on plants and animals to exist and fashion relies on things like a cotton in the same way.




It was interesting.

Interesting enough for me to take pics and share them with you virally because, well, over sharing is what I do best:




The regal rigatoni dress:

regal rigatoni

Totally tubular.



The Popcorn Prom dress:

popcorn princess

Once you pop…


The fruit phenom:

Strawberry hat forever!

A “head” of its time…



The spaghetti carbonecklace.

spaghetti fork necklace

Talk abut a well-rounded dish.



The most in-tree-guing dress I had ever seen:


Stand, Forrest, Stand!


The up-Scale shoe:

Fish are friends, not food.

Fish are friends, not food.



The Ice cream ensemble:

ice cream mania

What…strategically placed…cherries.


The crowd peaser:

Bitch, peas.

Bitch, peas.


The cabbage coat:

Cabbage coat.

My kind of salad.


The icing on the cake/beaded sweater:


Dessert all DAY.


The peppers and onions poncho:

Onions and peppers.

Food for thought.


Demure dairy:

cow clothes.

Have a cow.


Pizza party panache:

pizza pastiche

Special delivery.

And the bread winner:

Bread winner.

Complex carbs.


And there you have it. 14 bizarre pieces of clothing that made me hungry…for pizza, pasta and original art. Stay creative, my friends. I’ll always appreciate it.