How Cher, Rick Astley, & Missy Elliot Made My Month

October 4th 2016

Story originally written and experienced: September 8th 2016

 Suddenly I found myself in silver-studded sneakers dancing on a big, bright stage.

And I wasn’t alone.

 << Rewind

It was all a classic misunderstanding.

As a very recent resident of Austin, Texas, I decided I wanted to say “yes” to immersing myself in anything and all.

Cool Mexican restaurant down the road?




Trending band playing at a bar somewhere out there?



Skim through a work email and see the words “sing and dance” and assume it’s an invitation for a karaoke happy hour and RSVP




Without realizing I accidentally signed myself up for something completely different?




And that, my friends, is how the silver-studded-sneaker episode came to be.

After RSVPing “yes” to the ambiguous “song and dance” invite, I was immediately pinged with a meeting notification stating we had to “start preparing for our performance at once”.


Turns out.

I had voluntarily signed up for Austin’s city-wide “lip sync battle” competition amongst all advertising agencies, and I was slated to perform twice.


What have I done.


I couldn’t back out.

I was the new girl. The one who promised to immerse myself in everything and all. And now? I had a (small) reputation to uphold.

I guess I was going to do this.


Practices began almost immediately, particularly Tuesdays after work.

We chose two dances and two themes.

1. Cher

(being rickrolled)


2. Missy “Misdeamenor” Elliot.

And so it began.

The late-night practices. The costume shopping. The shameless realization that dancing wasn’t something I was great at…but wasn’t terrible at either…

Check me out.

Check me out.


And then the day came.

It was showtime.


The Cher/Rick Astley show was first in the lineup.

And we were ready.

We ready.

We ready.


 And it went so well.

So well in fact, that (spoiler alert), we were awarded best costume:


And our second act?

We won #1 Fan Favorite:





It was a badass use of a Thursday night.

And even better, a reminder that accidental sign ups and the simple decision to say




Made a huge hell of a difference in making this new place feel like home.

I got to know my co-workers way better, experienced the unique opportunity to back-up dance (hip hop style) for the woman who hired me, and made the new work place I walked in >> and  << out of every day, feel a little less foreign.



So whether you’re trying to make your comfort zone even more comfortable, or grappling for a sure-fire way to find comfort in a brand new place, just say:




It’s a great tactic to feel like you’re really trying and a quick way to achieve that comfort you’ve been craving.


If I know Cher, Rick Astley, & Missy (Misdemeanor) Elliot, which I’m pretty sure I do, they’d say the same thing.


Close enough.