The “I Can’t Believe I Just Did That” Olive The People Storytelling Event Pt.3

October 10th 2014

Story originally written and experienced: September 13th 2014

Third times the charm.

At least that’s what I told myself as I covered my head in the torrential









En route >> to my third storytelling event in New York City.

Ducking into the Cake Shop as soon as it caught my sight.

“How’s about that weather?” the bartender asked me jokingly, noticing my curls dRiPpInG with the rain.

“It’s perfect.” I replied as I respectively walked











Into the lower bar where my previous storytelling endeavors had taken place.

And it looked different.

In a whimsical way.

And I noticed a

couple in the corner

t-h-r-e-a-d-i-n-g together

ceiling lanterns.

And laughing as they decorated the bar to look like this:

cake shop decorations

Balls to the wall.

They noticed me almost immediately as I walked in, and said:

“Hi! Are you the show that’s on tonight?”

“I am!”

“Great! We’re actually good friends of the bar owner. We’re hosting our belated engagement party here right after your event…you don’t mind that we’re putting these up early do you?”

“Not at all. I think it adds character.”

“Us too.” They replied as they packed up their stapler and tape.

“You guys should stay for the show!”

“We would, but we want to go home and change before tonight, but best of luck!”


And just like that they walked out >>> And told me the stage was all mine.

Testing 1,2,3.

Testing 1,2,3. 


And in a matter of minutes, my storytellers showed up.




p        a         c         i        n         g

The premises and practicing their lines.

And minutes after that, people started tRiCkLiNg in.

There to attend an event they saw on a flyer. Saw posted online. Or heard about it through word of mouth. About a girl named Olive. Who had some friends. Who wanted to tell stories. And they wanted to hear the stories they had to say.

And that felt fantastic.

Let the show—begin.

The theme was this:

To tell a story that could fall under the title “I Can’t Believe I Just Did That.”

Put their own spin on it

And say whatever they wanted to say.

And here’s what they came up with:

First up was my high school friend Andy, gracing us with a glorious episode of the first time he got high:

Next was my friend Katie who told us about the time she had to pay a $500 penalty for wearing…pants:

Then came Nick who confessed the time he had met a girl on a Friday…and married her the Friday after that:

Not to mention Jim who ran away to Mexico…3 times:

Of course my confidant Joe who preached about his perfect partying streak:

And finally, my best friend and roommate Charlie who almost got arrested for…having a fake phallic in her car:


Watch the full footage (my stories included) here:


And I guess when it was all said and done.

I found myself realizing.

That I couldn’t believe that I just did that.

Hosted my third storytelling event in New York City. Shamelessly. Hopefully…And a little drunkenly too (damn you happy hour).

And more ridiculously.

Having not a singular intention of stopping.

At least not anytime soon.


Thank you.

And to every single who came to the show, sent their best wishes, told a friend, read this post or just sent good vibes my way. You’re what makes dream pursuing feel like the best adventure I’ve ever damn had.

And I couldn’t be happier to have you here with me.

A huge thank you to my storytellers: Kyle, Andy, Katie, Joe, Charlie, Nick and Jim. And HUGE shoutout to Neil for braving the weather and taking the time to edit and film. I’m a lucky, lucky bitch.

Questions? Comments? Dream pop? Just email and I’d be happy to chat about future participation, access to full footage or even just to chat.

Stay awesome. Keep dreaming. And cheers to everything awesome.


P.S. If you want to see behind the scenes photos of the event. Boom.