About Olive



I’m Olive.

The founder and author of this ridiculous website. And I started it because I’ve got stories.

Lots of them.

Some bizarre.

 Some inspirational.

 Some entertaining.

 All true.

Primarily because, I’ve spent every day for the last 14 years marking down my life and other’s people’s lives in handwriting.

 And I decided to digitize that shit and create a storytelling blog about “All Of The People” that have inspired, amazed and mostly humored me through my journey of life thus far. Hence “Olive The People.”


 And also because.

 I want to be the person that makes you feel uncomfortable in your cubicle/in public because you’re laughing so damn hard.

 I want to be the person that makes you think about this shenanigan called life. And then make you think about it again. Just.a.little.bit.differently.

 I want to be the person that makes you crave adventure, revel in amusement and become addicted to inspiration.


 Just appreciate the people that do.

 And finally.

 I want to be your damn friend.

 Because I think we’d be awesome at that.

 So I guess what I’m trying to say is.

 My name is Olive, and I believe in living a life worth writing about, and hell, one worth reading about too. I’m having the time of my life, and you’re welcome to join me.

 Some sort of regards,


 P.S. Need to contact me? Boom: olivethepeople@gmail.com

Olive the People Promo from David Miess on Vimeo.

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