A Snap Chat Apology

August 29th 2013

He’s out of control.

“This guy”, I mean.


Thing is, a few months ago I told you of my snap chatting endeavors with my fellow  snap chattin friends.

How it started with mature, worthwhile banter like this:


zomg archived.

And consequently turned into an ongoing documentation outlining the unruly behavior of  “this guy”.




A rogue friend of ours who does nothing by wreak havoc on the daily lives of ours…and as of recently…everyone else in this damn popsicle stand.

In fact after the last post, an out pour of despicable behavior via “This Guy” was reported all around the god-forsaking country! An outraged public began to witness and make evidence of his unwarranted ways, furthermore prompting sincere regrets and embarrassment on behalf of me and my absurd best friend, “Guy.” So please, accept this public apology to that goes out to anyone who has been, or probably will be….victimized by “Guy” and his belligerent ways. Because quite frankly:


The reported incidences were as follows:


1. Severe disturbance of the neighbors:





2. Fuxing with nature

That's pretty uncool.

That’s just not right.



3. Asking for rides from straight up strangers:

Not yours.

Quite presumptuous of you, guy.


4. Poisoning public beverages:

Take your hygiene ELSEWHERE.




5. Making promises he can’t fuckin keep:




6. Name droppin:

As if.



7. Being all narcoleptic and shit:


Just straight up inconvenient is what this is.



8. Gambling with emotions:

Well played, sir.

Stubborn fuck.




9. Causing riots in the workplace:

No one says groovy anymore, guy.

So disobedient…



10. Actively participating in “selfies”:

Unheard of.

Never been done before.



11. Putting innocent bystanders in toxic danger:


12. Being terrible at sleepovers:

How did you get in here.

How did you even get here.



13. Inviting himself everywhere:

Well this is embarrassing.

So embarrassing…



14. Overly confident:


Things aren’t happening = This



15. Rubbing plans in people’s faces:


Like this isn’t even trying to be discreet.

16. Being a god-awful influence:





And finally to come full circle (literally)

17. Disturbing neighbors once again:

...No thanks.




Rest-assured I will keep “Guy” and his shenanigans out of your way.

release me snap chat

And in the meantime, let’s all try to be more like these guys:

Someone knows how to live life RIGHT.

Someone knows how to live life RIGHT…Except the guy in the back…he could use a little advice.


Special shout out to my snap chat crew for their ridiculous daily contributions: Kyle,Charlie, Renee, Max, Andrea, Jenn, Courtney & Leyla.

Stay weird.