8 Shows To Binge Watch (If You Haven’t Already)

November 30th 2015

Watching TV.

I like doing it.

Especially in pajamas. And especially when I’ve got the time.

Me 4 days later.

Day four and counting.


And in my expert experience of rolling around in blankets and staring at the TV for evenings on end.

Bundled and binging.

Bundled and binging.


Here are the shows I recommend for nights in, long weekends or any day you’re in need for some easy entertainment:

8 Shows To Binge Watch (If You Haven’t Already)

1. Sherlock


Whether you’re a Cumberbitch like me or simply enjoy mystery, humor and two men doing problem solvy things, this show is featured as a series of mini movies—each episode amounting to about an hour and a half—full of witty jokes, absurd crimes and alas, British accents.

It's true.

Bonus feature.



2. Breaking Bad


You’ve heard about it. Thought about watching it. Or thought about watching it again.

A blood-chilling drama with undeniable cinematography and acting, outlining the skyrocketing rise of a high school teacher turned notorious meth chef.


Simmer down, Walter White.



3. Nathan For You


I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve laughed so hard I’ve cried. A Comedy Central masterpiece created by Nathan Fielder, who offers rogue advice to small business owners for the ultimate success—except they don’t know he’s kidding.

The result is heartbreakingly hilarious.

A prime example being the time he advised a dating website to enact a program called “Daddy’s Watching” and have strange men dress in burkas and accompany women on their dates:

Or the time he made a local artistic coffee shop into an imitation Starbucks without the health department’s consent:


Though the small business owners agree with caution, they normally come around:


4. Catfish


If you’re in the mood for trust issues, weird endings and enough evidence to make you want to log off of your laptop forever—watch no further. Sparked by the true caught-on-film documentary outlining Nev Schulman’s personal experience of being deceived by a Facebook friend request, Catfish is a show dives into the deceptive world of people who use online profiles as masks. Nev helps set up meetings between skeptical users who fear they’ve been talking, flirting and even dating fake people online for months or even years, with the person on the other end of the screen.

And some of the endings are batshit ridiculous.

catfish gif

Excellent. Tune in for their 9 hour marathons and you shall experience many.



5. Human Planet


An incredible 8-part documentary series featuring the ridiculously cool spectrum of the human species across the globe, including everything from

Sperm Whale Hunters:

sperm whale hunters

To Deep Sea Divers:

deep sea hunters

To tribes so long-lasting and shielded from the modern world, they can’t even recognize an airplane when they see one:

tribes human planet


6. Criminal Minds

criminal minds

You won’t sleep. You’ll be scared shitless. But you’ll struggle to to turn the damn thing off. On season 11, this terrifying, smart and addicting show follows the B.A.U.—Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI as they study, stalk and stop serial killers before their sprees spiral even farther.

7. The Jinx

the jinx

Grandpa’s gone rogue.

At least someone’s has.

The Jinx is an edgy, startling and unfortunately true, six-part documentary series following an exposing interview with Robert Durst, a New York real-estate heir, about how he got away with murder(s), and still is.


8. How I Met Your Mother


Goddamnit I love this show. The wit. The comedic timing. And the fact that they relay such wisdom, like the forgiveness scale of how hot a girl has to be if she’s going to be crazy:


But also including emotionally lovey stuff too:

himym gif

It’s 9 consecutive seasons of sheer awesomeoness.

And though the ending got a lot of heat…

…And I don’t exactly disagree.

It’s a tried and true recommendation of mine anyway.

blog how i met your mother



And there you have it. 8 ways I want to ensure that you’re as relaxed and immobile as possible through this wild whirlwind also known as the holidays.