7 Reasons We Should Give John Travolta A Break

February 26th 2015

It all started when I thought he was a gummy bear.

It’s true.

There I was, perusing the Internet super normally on a Tuesday night.

Like so.

Like so.



And that’s when I saw it:

Said three times for good measure...

Chanted three times for good measure.


That’s right.

Rumor has it, John Travolta is set to star as the lead gummy bear in a new and upcoming film called:

Wait for it.

Gummy Bear.

My hips don't lie and neither does this.

My hips don’t lie and neither does this.



No one seems to give an actual fuck about this MOMENTOUS MILESTONE in his career.


We’re all too busy blowing a social gasket about his smooching mishap on the red carpet:

Ready or not Scarlett, I come.



While making memes to go with it:

Forbidden fruit.

Forbidden fruit.


"It's not you it's me."

“It’s not you it’s me.”


It was only a kiss, how did it end up like this?

It was only a kiss, how did it end up like this?


And when we’re not doing that, we’re spending a substantial amount time reliving the 2014 Oscars when he flubbed the ever-famous Idina Menzel’s name to:

adele dazeem

Laughed for 13 days straight.


Which indubitably led to a spiral of even MORE misnaming memes like this:


^ A meme masterpiece.


But why?

Lest we forget the plethora of moments and movies that should MORE than redeem this questionable, questionable man?



gossip girl gif

Which is why I created a list.

(And mostly because there are just far too many memes and gifs that exist for me not to share, use and abuse like this):

7 Reasons John Travolta Deserves A Damn Break

1. He’s a great listener

pulp fiction gif




2. He comes in a variety of shapes and (hair) sizes

hairspray gif

In case you had any doubts…



3. He does the hokey pokey AND he turns himself around

Can't make this shit up.

Can’t make this shit up.




4. He’s just a natural with words

grease gif

I do, I DO know how it is.




5.  He used to look like this

My hipster heaven.

My hipster heaven.




6. He’s great with his hands…

See what I mean?

See what I mean?


And finally.

7. He appreciates the finer things in life

john travolta milkshake


He’s not so bad.

In fact.

He’s a gummy bear.

Quick recap.

Quick recap.


And for that, we should throw the man a swift congratulations…and a clean t-shirt too…

Nvm you're perfect.

JK he’s perfect.