6 Ways To Ease Your College Days Nostalgia

August 31st 2015

 School is officially BACK IN SESSION YA’LL.


Not for us.

Because we’re grown ass adults.

Doing grown ass things.

Like grocery shop:


These dog days ain’t over.


And typing professional shit:

Killin it.

Killin it.


And gradually slow fading away from peeps we just don’t want to damn hang out with anymore:

"Yeah no totally, let's keep in touch..."

“Yeah no totally Sheila, let’s…keep in touch…”


But as buckwild and crazy as these adulty type things may be.


We kinda miss it.

The college days, that is.

Wish we were the ones sporting a lanyard and an on-trend backpack this fall.

Like so.

We wish.


And heading towards >>  a 4 year utopia involving partying with people that break it down like:


Duck yeah.


And chanting the same thing every night after ample 90 cent beers at the bars like:




Thing is.

We likely can’t do that.

Not without panicking the on-campus kiddies with our outdated ways:




We can do these 6 things.

To ease our nostalgic ways.

Let me explain:

6 Ways To Ease Your College Nostalgia

1. Eat mac and cheese for every meal

Here’s my argument:


Damn right.


Budget friendly. Tastes like magic. And perfect if you’re in the mood to “spoon.”


Sorry, that joke was…cheesy.


2. Grind on strangers under the assumption they like it

That’s right.

Do like the college boys do and perform the ill-advised “wander up to an innocent and inflict thrusts that would make your mother less than proud” move:

"So how did you guys meet?"

A timeless maneuver.


3. Use the library as a legitimate reason to get out of things you don’t want to do

Invited to a sober evening of just scrabble and sea salt chips?

Judy in accounting’s after work baby/bridal bash?

Told your friend you’d babysit her ferocious feline cat that lacks any semblance of a soul?



You busy:


It’s true.


4. Incessantly talk about your study abroad experience

People love it.

Trust me.

To be that well-traveled expert that inserts their two cents about Barcelona, Florence or your “experimental time in Amsterdam” for that substantial 3 month period.

Never stop doing that.


All sarcasm aside.

Book a trip back to wherever it is you used to wander in your yesteryears.

You’ll be wiser. Richer. And getting paid while you damn do it. #vacationdayz

5. Wear cargo shorts and assume you look good

And also because


6. Call your fricken college friends


Do it.

Dial up those bad boys/girls and have a long ass chatski about the good ‘ol days. The cargos. The tube tops. That one instance that your best friend shit themselves at a frat party. The time that that one guy was dared to throw guac on the other guy and then that other guy smashed the bowl of guac on the original guy’s head whilst empathetic bystanders applauded and ran away:


Good times.


It’s a perfect use of free cell phone minutes and an easy way to relieve your college-day blues.

And that’s it.

I guess that’s all I really had to say.