8 Things That Will Keep You Motivated To Keep On Keepin On

January 9th 2014

I’m feelin pretty good these days.

 Hittin the gym:


Twerkin it.

Killin it at work:

Forgot pants. Nbd.

Forgot pants. Nbd.



Hangin with friends



But. Shit isn’t always that grand. Sometimes it’s hard.

And sometimes.

I just don’t damn feel like it:



Thing is. Losing motivation is easy. But getting back up again? Doesn’t always feel that way. SO. I mocked up a handful of ridiculous and/or inspiring people and things to motivate you to kick your ass back into high gear so you can keep on keepin on like the motherfucking champion that you are. (But only after you’ve indulged in a well-deserved nap and taken food that is rightfully yours)




Olive and her post holiday hangover present:

8 Things That Will Keep You Motivated To Keep On Keepin On

1. Puppies’ Faces

 This scenario is this:

 A wildly cute puppy stumbles the fuck into your room and is all like “Hey, Frank. I’ve been noticing you’re a bit of a bum lately, and been thinking that you should probably do a damn thing about that. Look at me. Look at my face.”

 And so you look at his face:



And immediately are like:

Bring it in.

Bring it in. I’ll do anything.

And all is right in the goddamn world.

2. Keeping Your Badassness – Constant

So maybe shit is getting tough. Work sucks. Relationship sucks. Or worst of all, the fucking internet isn’t working:

This is the apocalypse.

This is the apocalypse.


And you’ve decided that you just don’t give a damn anymore.

Kk Morgan

Kk Morgan



 You’ve got a reputation to withhold. And a badass one at that.

 So don’t let bitches and friends get the pleasure of thinking otherwise.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.


Because you really are that awesome.

 And you really do own shit.

 And this kitten really is a wrecking ball:




3. Friendly Post It Reminders

 You know what’s better than your mom telling you you’re awesome?


 That’s right.

 Sprinkle that shit at your work place. In your home. Amidst your car. Atop your dog. On a significant other. And fill them with encouraging messages to yourself like:

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.53.16 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.54.01 AM

 Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.55.16 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.55.51 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.58.55 AM

 Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 1.00.01 AM

Just make sure you keep that shit straight so you don’t forget to give your roommates his phone messages too…:

My bad Phil.

My bad Phil.


4. Lizzie Velasquez

 Lizzie was born with a disease so rare, only 2 other people in the world are known to have it. She can’t gain weight and must eat every 15 minutes to stay alive. 24 years old. 5’2. 62 pounds. And visually impaired out of her right eye. When she was in junior high, a youtube video of Lizzie went viral from an anonymous source calling her the “ugliest woman in the world.” Today? Lizzie has written her 3rd best-selling book and now a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker traveling the world inspiring people about bullying. And how she overcame that shit. Like a boss.


Get it girlll



5. A Reward System

 You heard me.

 I said:



 Because you’re doing work – son.

 And you’re getting mad prizes for doing it.

 Did your laundry?





Finally went to the gym?



Feeling a little down lately and decided to shake it off and own shit like you normally do?

(A picture of someone saying) ONE MILLION DOLLARS for you.



6. Reassurance I Won’t Put Your Name In The Goblet Of Fire

That’s right. You keep your shit together and I’ll assure that your Saturday is dementor free and Voldy steps the fuck off.

This guy = not around.

This guy = not around.


Don’t be like Harry:


 Take this friendly threat and get your shit done STAT.


7. Bacon



If you won’t do it for bacon…wtf else will you do it for?

8. Your Damn Self

Thing is. Life is tough as shit sometimes. Work can get the best of you. Relationships can get the best of you. A fight. A long traveling streak. Shit hitting the fan or nothing hitting the fan at all. And sometimes we find ourselves throwing our damn hands in the air saying “I need a break.” “I give up.” or “Is this even worth it?” And what you really need to know is.

1. When bacon is involved – everything is worth it

2. We all reach our damn breaking points. We deserve to. And it’s natural. But what we deserve more than that is the gratification that we’re better than opinions, doubts and momentary lapses in what we can and cannot do.

So take that breather. Eat some carbs. Give whatever is pulling you down a good old fashioned MLK

mlk flip off

And get pumped for all that laundry, work out, and life decisions you’re about to kick ass at.

 And if you won’t listen to me.

Then maybe you’ll listen to this guy: