17 Ridiculous Graphs That Explain Everything

August 12th 2014

I like people.

Especially the ones who say funny shit.

A solid update.

Not too much to ask.

And even better.

Do funny shit.

Like it.

Like it.


Or this:

Love it.

Love it. 

And of course this:

Want some more of it.

Want some more of it.


And sometimes.

These ridiculous fools take this hilarity to a mathematical/philosophical/drunk level that we can all fucking enjoy:

Go home LiLo you're drunk.

Go home LiLo you’re drunk.



They come in the form of graphs.


17 Ridiculous Graphs That Explain Just About Everything


The indecisive behavior of steaming hot beverages:

coffee graph

$4.33 well spent.



Dietary clarifications:

Close enough.




Reassurance that Meat Loaf’s love boundaries haven’t changed since 1993:

meatloaf chart




Defining the true meaning of chores:

clean my room graph

“Sorry. Can’t go out. Constructing a castle out of 64 free keychains I just found.”

Clarifications on how Mulan prepped for her Hun encounter:

Got it.

Got it.



Relationship insight for men near and far:

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 10.03.01 PM

A heads up about your printer’s game plan for general eternity:

printer graph


An FYI as to where the party’s at:

plaecs it's going down graph

A sure-fire route on how to kick ass at life:

Looks about right.

Looks about right.



Everything you need to know about the Macarena song:

macarena chart



General reminders that timing is everything:

pee chart




A heads up to where you should post shit you want zero recognition for:

myspace graph

Comfort in knowing your browser will keep a permanent log of your grammatical infidelities:

misspelling graph



An accurate record of quality communication today:



A back-pocket reference the next time you invite Lady Gaga to a neighborhood BBQ:


 A fool proof way to master any karaoke sesh:

pop song chart

And of course, a solid reminder that there might just be someone on planet earth who gives less fucks than just about everyone:

shame chart