16 Legendary Moments In 2016

December 27th, 2016

Holy 2016.

What a damn ride.

She gets it.

She gets it.

Filled with ups and downs.

Exhibit A.

But most notably, these 16 fads, events, and things that sHoOk things up this year in a crazy way. Like:

1. Pokeman fricken Go


This forever-popular pastime was resurrected in big ass way…but before it died again…it proceeded to do shit like:

Disrupt the dateosphere:


Enhance job interviews:


Promote weight loss:


And whatever this is:




True, fatalities caused by this mania were so sky high that an entire website was coded and built around it, but that’s neither here nor there.

don draper gif

Le anyway.

2. The legendary Harambe

This stud.

This stud.

This mighty monkey’s unjust ending led him to be the most legendary gorilla of all time, sparking controversial opinions, a spike in animal rights, and like any good piece of news, an intensely good curation of gifs, memes, and apparel created in his honor:

Dance, Harambe, dance!

Dance, Harambe, dance!



The correct reaction.



The greatest classification of “defining the relationship” there ever was.

Moving on.

3. Did you know our Juno spacecraft arrived in FUCKING Jupiter?


Originally launched August 5, 2011, Juno—a spacecraft specifically skyrocketed to discover Jupiter’s formation and evolution—



Entered Jupiter’s orbit on July 4, 2016, after four tedious years. What better time to bring back Missy Elliot’s monumental quote? “That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind.”





4. That one sports game some call the Olympics


Sarcasm success.

Many winners prevailed including:

The mind-blowing, 19-year-old, 5-gold-medal gymnastics winner Simon Biles:

Not talented whatsoever

No talent whatsoever.


That one guy who’s won some things:

Holla at ya boy.

Holla at ya boy.

And the grandiose owner of greatest face splat there ever was, brought to you by the defending champion of the high bar, Epke Zonderland:



Mah man.

5. The Cavs finally FINALLY winning the title they damn deserve


Lebron wept.

That’s right.

This buckeye is out of the bag. I am, indeed, a fan of all things Ohio—Cavs included.

And this game.

This night.


Is tied directly to a visual of me perched on the arm of my couch, screaming, crying, and admittedly doing this:


6. The rise and fall of Ken Bone

The lovable, rouge-sweatered man that stole hearts and memes all over the country:


Never forget/you will.


And then 23 hours later, our recollection of him was as follows:


7. Mannequin challenge

Once people got uber bored of taking regular-ass pictures, the mannequin challenge was born.

But wait.

There’s a story.

A high school student name Emili from Jacksonville started the whole operation one day. For fun. In class. Through a tweet.

Watch the original video here

What started as a prank, ended up pioneering a new social media frenzy, striking the likes of oh I don’t know…Lebron James and First Lady Michelle Obama.

And everyone else on the planet.

8. The Orlando shootings

Fuck hate.


Fuck yes to love.


This tragedy was unacceptable, just like any another other hate crime.

It was low. Scary. Uncalled for. And cost the lives of too many innocents. Once again, this country was left in a state of shock and concern.

But I’ll tell you something else that happened.

We banded together.

Big time.

The OneOrlando Fun was founded.

The OneBlood organization delivered blood in record time.

HFUW opened their lines for emotional support.

Everyone around the country, around the WORLD, activated their biggest hearts, and for that I say:

Fuck yes to love.


9. The “Stranger Things” craze

Everyone was (is) obsessed.

Including me.

What can I say, that freaky-ass wall + Winona Ryder made some serious waves this year:

Stranger Things

This duo.

Not to mention:

Eleven & her Eggos:


She hungry.

Unsupervised children literally doing whatever the fuck they want at all times:

Can't be tamed.

Can’t be tamed.


And most importantly, people giving zero fucks about Barb’s kick-ass friendship and ultimate party foul:


Buzzkill Barb.

10. Lemonade


JK, this Lemonade:


Slay all day.

Beyonce done DID IT with this innovative, visual album that stole the hearts and eyes of every fanboy and media outlet.

I'm sure you would.


Minus Jay Z of course…

Lemon slices background

11. Finding Dory

13 years after “Finding Nemo” ‘ s epic release and success:

I mean, true.

I mean, true.

A satisfying sequel was release:

Break my heart into little pieces, why don't ya.

Break my heart into little pieces why don’t ya, baby Dory.

And the whole world rejoiced:

cheering gif

12. A grand final for some of the Greats:

This year, we said farewell to legends. They left legacies  far beyond their imaginations, and we’re so glad they did.

A whole-hearted thank you to:

David Bowie:




Alan Rickman:


Muhammad Ali:


George Michael:


And Carrie Fisher:


13. The highly awkward launch of the iPhone 7, and the insane headphone that went with it

I think Conan O’Brien visualized it best:

14. This heart-wrenchingly effective Japanese Amazon Prime commercial 



15. This introduction of this insane musical instrument made with 2,000 marbles

And finally…

16. The devastating atrocity known as Election Day


Quite possibly one of the most famous face-offs of all time went down this year:


Just the two of them.


And our grand nation decided to leave the entire fate of the greatest nation on earth…to this logic:


Benefit of the doubt in our new President Elect…and insanely hilarious and necessary memes…contain our greatest healing powers right now.


We got this.


And there you have it. 16 big-time things that happened in the year of 2016.


Show us what you got.