10 Times George Washington Said Something Hilariously Inappropropriate

May 12th 2015

George Washington is the jam.

This guy.

This guy.


 KILLIN it as an American legend who once did national leadershipy type things…and then again as a modern day…meming maven who’s been imparting wisdom on millennials near and far.

I mean, he's not wrong.

I mean, he’s not wrong.


Thing is.

I recently discovered an online archive of absurd memes honoring this American hero,

And the second thing is.

I have the incapacity to keep anything remotely hilarious or interesting to my damn self.

So alas.

Here we are.

And George is too.


Olive, G Dubs & Her rogue internet ways present:

10 Times George Washington Said Something Hilariously Inappropriate

1. When his friend Lyle just stopped by to say hey and George wasn’t into it

Get OUT.

So sweet.


2. When he one-upped his cousin at her own damn birthday party

Crowd favorite.

Family feud.


3. When he was hanging on a boat and just couldn’t handle it

Fair enough.

Fair enough.


4. When he attempted to clarify his inheritance package to his kiddos

Just as an update.

Just so we’re clear.


5. When he caused a scene for no reason at all at Peter’s backyard cookout

Classic G.

Dramatic G.


6. When he decided epic battles and bugles just didn’t mix


Silencio Stevens.


7.  When no one asked him about the weather but he answered the question anyway

For example.

Thanks for that.


8. When he had a weird hair day and just needed to take it out on someone

Hot headed.

Hot headed.


9. When he was told breakfast would be served. And it just wasn’t.




10. When his mom packed his lunch and he was pissed. But not really.

He ain't mad.

He ain’t mad.


And there you have it.

10 times one of our founding fathers said everything just damn right.

And for those of you who didn’t see that coming: