15 Things That Will Make Today Straight Up Better

December 2nd 2013

 Some days just blow.

 Whether a co worker is being a total jerk:

Carl. Doesn't like Joke Paper Plane Tuesdays. Carl.

Carl. Doesn’t like Paper Plane Tuesdays. Carl.

An acquaintance is being extra judgmental

Shove it, Paul.


Things don’t go according to plan:


And quite frankly you feel like you just can’t win:

Just keep swimming my ass.

Winning would be real nice right about now.


So you wallow. Just like you damn should.


Totally fair.

But when you’re not doing that, allow me to swoop in for the positive win and give you a daily dose of straight up cheeriness that’ll just make your 24 hour hiccup just a damn bit better.

 Olive and her post holiday cabin fever present:

 15 Things That Will Make Today Straight Up Better

1. This unexpected visual of an Alaskan Husky breaking it down in a parka


Things you didn’t see coming today = This.


2. Gratification that these guys aren’t the ones planning your b-day party


3.  This heartwarming tale about a small pup who just can’t escape the merciless wrath of this damn bowl

"I don't like bowling" Starring: Peaches

“I Don’t Like Bowling” A heart wrenching film starring: Peaches the pup


4. Relief that you’re not this watermelon right now


“So yeah the hook up was pretty one sided.”

5. Verification via blog post that you really are a sexy motherfucker


Inquire with bystanders for details


6. A very fun fact from Dr. Seuss as to why accepting a good challenge (like today) is good for you


7.  A swift reminder that true love really can and really does exist


Goddamnit that is precious

8.  Appreciating the saucy members of society you have yet to be friends with


9. Realizing that you’re not the only one whose style gets cramped at airport security


9. Witnessing that even on the gloomiest days, good people are still around


11. This uplifting FYI about the original Bugs Bunny


12. Reassurance that karma does exist

Ted was a little out of line. Ted.

Ted was a little out of line. Ted.


13. Confirmation that everyone’s got their shit together in Scandanavia




14. A new-found appreciation that your name isn’t Marco


(…And if it is…this shit is still funny.)

And finally.

15. This inexplicable picture of Shaq and a Panda bear



 And there you have it 15 strange yet worthwhile things that will make your day a little more awesome. So eat a burger, kick back in your PJs and give that marathon of “Storage Wars” the goddamn attention it deserves. Because you fuckin deserve it.

I’m out bitches.



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