10 Of The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters I’ve Ever Seen

December 16th 2015

Things are getting ugly.


It’s the holidays, party people—a time to celebrate cookies, friends and of course, the most heinous and heart-wrenchingly perfect sweaters known to man.


Happiness found.


And as a good friend, I’ve curated an edited list of these majestic gems for your enjoyment.

Consider it my gift to you.

And also, to myself.


10 of The Best Christmas Sweaters I’ve Ever Seen

1. The “Jesus’ B-day Blowout” sweater


The perfect occasion to turn water into lots of wine.


2. The “One Word Truly Says It All” sweater

Sheer poetry.

Sheer poetry.



3. The “This Is What I Learned After 3 Years of Spanish Classes” sweater

Throw a little diversity in the mix.

Education money well spent. Thanks, mom!


4. The “This Was A Better Idea In Theory” sweater

Don't get more authentic than this.

And Janice was never hugged again.


5. The “Clearly Not Afraid Of Commitment” sweater

Not afraid of commitment.

No such thing as too much velvet.


6. The “Someone Took The Time to Airbrush This Detailed Squirrel And I Respect That” Sweater

Don't necessarily like it, but I do respect it.

A lot to appreciate here.


7. The “I Came Home Drunk And Can’t Survive Without A Snack” sweater

Want. It.



8. The “Santa Baby’s Got Back” sweater

Internet = breaking.

What a hard twerker.


9. The “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” sweater featuring:

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

^ This guy


10. The “Stay Classy, San Diego” sweater

Variety pack.

So obedient.


And there you have it.

10 sweaters that spruce up the holidays with inappropriate and enjoyable cheer.

Just like Uncle Jerry.

Peace, love and so many goddamn presents,